QuickAir the handy video laryngoscope and savings maker.

  • Video Laryngoscope for universal useQuickAir covers 97% of intubations.
  • Similar gestureIdentical to a classical laryngoscope gesture.
  • Fast and safe intubationReduced trauma, the limits of difficult intubation are pushed back.
  • Always readyHigh-capacity rechargeable battery and ultra-simple software App.
  • HD video formatOur handle is equipped with a 5 inch HD display.
  • Single use bladesThe single use guarantees the non-contamination of the patient and decreases the exposure of the personnel.
  • Anatomic bladeDoes not require aiming efforts, traditional clipping of the blade on the handle.
  • Video recording, sounds and picturesFor patients records, insurances & teaching.
  • The cheapestThe best performance at the best price.